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Business plan : Executive summary

Transworldwide Cargo Investment and Trading (TCIT),Inc. is a start-up Transportation, cargo shipping, investment and trading company providing services that include transportation, freight and cargo shipping, investment in the agricultural industry. We are a specialty integrator that offers freight services to businesses, shippers and carriers inexpensively; we envision ourselves to be a game changer in the industry.

According to industry sources, the penetration of U.S Freight brokerage in the total freight market is significantly increasing. The freight brokerage market size will grow by USD 41.47 billion during 2020-2024. The market’s growth momentum will accelerate during the forecast period because of the steady increase in year-over-year growth. This growth is majorly attributed to the growing demand for transportation and logistics services from various end-user industries, including the pharmaceutical, e-commerce, FMCG, automotive, and manufacturing sectors. This presents us with an opportunity to tap this uncontested market and offer our solution via our well-integrated business model.

As the transportation industry is becoming more technology-driven, great efforts are being undertaken towards sustainability. Global passenger demand is on the rise both in mature and emerging markets, where the population is becoming increasingly affluent and mobile. In terms of cargo transportation, trade relations between China, North America, and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) are forecast to drive up traffic demand over the coming years. While cargo aircraft are often used to transport mail, animals, and agricultural items, bulk products are typically carried by railways, trucks, and ships.

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The Company is located in East Coast Atlantic and it is directed by Paul Niyonizigiye. He is highly competent and bringing in strong industry and business acumen to the company. He is a leader who is mission oriented and builds the inspired teams needed to execute the hardest projects on-time and on-budget. It is expected that this will allow the company to quickly capture a substantial share of the growing customer of the market, ramp up operations within a short period. We recognize that without a strategic implementation of operational plan, our focus to acquire and retain our target market can experience a slow growth process and lose clients to potential competitors. To ensure that we gain our target markets quickly and effectively, we plan to utilize innovative marketing strategies.

We seek $750,000 in equity funding from investors into our Company. The funds would primarily be used for supporting our operations. Services would be rendered and a lean business management structure would be adopted to keep operational costs low. Investors would be provided adequate exit strategy and efforts would be made to ensure that all stakeholders are on board on future strategic direction of our Company. This plan will demonstrate the projected financial and operational expectations spanning over five years. According to the Pro-forma projections, the company will be cash-flow positive, the Company expects to generate substantial revenues in year one of business operation, and we expect sales to surpass by the end of the third year with very low costs associated with overhead.

Innovation and creativity will lead TCIT to be a success story for the industry alongside realizing the financial profit to be made from its success. We have the motivation, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed. We are confident in our abilities projected within this business plan for achieving the launch and continued success of TCIT. TCIT is positioned for rapid growth and gains a substantial opportunity to raise entry barriers for possible competition. Effective marketing strategies proven to boost organization publicity and awareness will be carried out to ensure the necessary understanding and advertisement is achieved for our company both locally and nationally. Digital methods, as well as conventional strategies, will be implemented in reaching our target audience. Social media platforms will be fully utilized; search engine optimization will also be leveraged.

+1 207 408 4186


Company Name

Transworldwide Cargo Investment and Trading (TCIT),Inc.

Business Location

East Coast Atlantic


Paul Niyonizigiye


Legal Form




  • To improve the goods shipping delivery across our target region

  • Help business exporters and importers to ship goods between Africa and the world

  • To encourage investors to invest in Africa and encourage trade relations across the US. Africa and Asia

  • Have a platform for our business where people can get jobs.



  • To develop cargo shipping between countries

  • Be a part of the Free Trade Zone

  • Create a cargo/freight office in airports to facilitate the package shipping

  • Pickup and deliver small packages from office to office, and door to door delivery.

  • To support farmers through grants and loans


The goal of every business is to be successful. By success, it means a large client base, constantly increasing patronage, and hence, rapid business growth. TCIT’s goal is to become the premier transportation, cargo, investment and trading firm, increasing their client base by 20% a year.

Over the first few years of operations, TCIT will seek to meet the following objectives:

  • To create a service-based company whose #1 ambition is to continually exceed the customer's expectations through loyalty and trust;

  • To support minority group, train others to success

  • Build an easy-to-use website and launch a laser-focused marketing campaign in a controllable and measurable way that will drive customer's toward the company's website

  • To increase our number of served clients by 20% per year through superior performance and word of mouth referrals;

  • To develop a sustainable, profitable, start-up business;

  • To constantly invest in technology and the latest developments to stay on top of the market;

  • To strive acquisition of clients to ensure that our business model remains sustainable and offers promising results to the investors and stakeholders;

  • To grow our business to a widely-recognized brand through innovating lead management principles;

  • To generate substantially significant revenue at the end of the first year of operations.


TCIT is committed to make its business a long-term success with future plans for expansion. It is this dedication and drive which set us apart from our competitors; our effort as a company will continually focus on increasing our client base, and improving our service. This would easily be achieved through ascertaining the following:

Fluid Transition

We will ensure that we flow with the trends and stay relevant in the freight brokerage industry where we operate, so as to stay up-to-date, and promote our business practices by integrating more innovative and creative service methods.


In an effort to earn and maintain an impeccable image, we will always look for innovative and creative methods towards improving our services. We will not slow down a bit in our pursuit to always satisfy our clients with new, modern and innovative methods and approaches towards delivering quality freight brokerage solutions.

TCIT will also ensure to network with those who provide storage throughout the country. Warehouse space is critical as some clients may request temporary storage for their goods, this allows TCIT to stay ahead of the competition and offer a full service to their clients.

TCIT offers investment services. The company will work any business such as commercial real estate, such as borrowing a mortgage to rent or purchase land, e-space, and Plaza and rent to other tenants. The company will focus on traffic areas where we will get great customers. We will also focus on the countryside (rural) to implement development in all population categories.

TCIT will attend the fair trade-in in the US nationwide to encourage creditors and investors to go to Africa to invest in real estate housing in partnership with local government or business owners in the agricultural industry. We will implement solar panels for farmers to encourage green farming solutions to keep the environment safe. That way, farmers can conserve what they get from harvest and will be able to transform them with local industries by using energy from solar. We will support farmers by offering grants and loans to support stakeholders.

Charging points, charging stations for electrical cars, gas stations, and convenient stores are small businesses that TCIT will implement in this project in the US, Africa, and Asia. We will install an electric station for electrical car.

working on trading import-export, we will export goods, second hands clothes in containers, vehicle parts, construction materials, wheat, corns, seeds, and manure. We will import from Africa Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, and others. We intend to open a comptoir in the US for diamond, gold, and other gems by getting a license.


Third-party Logistics Market Size,

The global third-party logistics market size was valued at USD 830.99 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.3% from 2020 to 2027. The development of logistics infrastructure in Asia and Middle East, the thriving growth of the e-commerce sector, and the development of new technologies are expected to significantly contribute to the market growth. Shippers are focusing on outsourcing the logistics activity to enhance their operations and cost-effectiveness. The increased working capital and globalization lead to the demand for efficient inventory management services. Moreover, the restructuring of the brick and mortar

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