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Products And Service

TCIT offers transportation services around the world by sea, airline, ocean, and on earth. We offer import and export services and cargo transportation from the US to other countries. The company is ready to partner with other cargo and transportation services.

Overview Service

Freight and cargo logistic services provide logistics for supply chains with shipping needs, acting to fill trucks to capacity, saving partners and customers both time and money. We are establishing relationships with carriers who are highly reputable and are considered dependable. They will utilize these carriers when they receive an order for transportation.

TCIT offers a variety of transportation services to accommodate all customer needs. This includes offering transportation services over-the-road as all forms of specialization. Organizing the movement of materials requires extensive knowledge of protocols and schedules, and our professional team will assist customers find the best way to achieve their goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Also, we have an online transportation management system that make customers logistics become more efficient. With process transparency, regular reporting, and consistent invoicing, our Ascend TMS system makes managing, monitoring and optimizing of their supply chain simple and fast. Using our TMS, customer can find the lowest-cost solution and bring their data life.

TCIT will also ensure to network with those who provide storage throughout the country. Warehouse space is critical as some clients may request temporary storage for their goods, this allows TCIT to stay ahead of the competition and offer a full service to their clients.

TCIT offers investment services. The company will work any business such as commercial real estate, such as borrowing a mortgage to rent or purchase land, e-space, and Plaza and rent to other tenants. The company will focus on traffic areas where we will get great customers. We will also focus on the countryside (rural) to implement development in all population categories.

TCIT will attend the fair trade-in in the US nationwide to encourage creditors and investors to go to Africa to invest in real estate housing in partnership with local government or business owners in the agricultural industry. We will implement solar panels for farmers to encourage green farming solutions to keep the environment safe. That way, farmers can conserve what they get from harvest and will be able to transform them with local industries by using energy from solar. We will support farmers by offering grants and loans to support stakeholders.


Charging points, charging stations for electrical cars, gas stations, and convenient stores are small businesses that TCIT will implement in this project in the US, Africa, and Asia. We will install an electric station for electrical car.


Working on trading import-export, we will export goods, second hands clothes in containers, vehicle parts, construction materials, wheat, corns, seeds, and manure. We will import from Africa Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, and others. We intend to open a comptoir in the US for diamond, gold, and other gems by getting a license.


Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives cover the following broad objectives for our Company's reach, operations, engagement, trust, and growth. It will achieve this through the following measures:

  • Identify and reach out to new business partners

  • Develop, implement and evaluate plans promote releases to increase sales

  • Increase market share through PR strategies and social media campaigns

  • Increase profits and cash flows of the Company and ensure that a sustainable business model is built.

  • Enhance customer relationships

Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy for TCIT aims to attract companies, investors, agricultural farmers, importers and exporters throughout the world of the country. TCIT will also execute the following strategies:


A well-optimized website with proper site structure, page layout, and clear and easy navigation that will be used for service description, and Partnerships and references. We will also create a reliable “About Us” Page among the top most popular pages of the website. The “About us” Page provides a personalized glimpse of TCIT and its management team. It is a handy tool because people are curious; they want to know those behind TCIT.


Paid advertising is expensive. TCIT understands this and intends to gradually decrease the amount invested as SEO as social media will gain momentum and increase exposure.

Search Engine Optimization

Comprehensive SEO programs will run on a scheduled basis to grow our customer base and expand our market exposure and reach. With SEO, our webpage is optimized and within six months will result in first page appearances on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Email Newsletters

Regular email newsletters and blog posts serve as an outlet for communicating with our clients. It is vital not to over-email potential and existing customers, less frequent, but more useful information will be shared. The newsletter and blog posts will be informative, including industry news and updates.

Social Media

TCIT will continue to utilize social media marketing, to ensure the Company receives proper online exposure. Large focus put onto utilizing social media platforms as they will allow us to spread our business message to a broad audience for free. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ are considered the most crucial social media channels to be in. In these four channels, there are many users, and there is no specific audience.

Review Sites

The Company will provide top notch customer services to ensure top ratings on review sites. The more the ratings, the more chances of us getting customers. All feedback, positive and negative, must be quickly responded to. As a broad audience reads online reviews of a company before using their service, we need to prepare a press release and send it to review sites.

TCIT will prioritize customer services and quality products while networking within the industry to develop additional customer contacts and strong word of mouth advertising to extend the Company name.

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